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Technology plays an important role in business, it's application however can be a minefield. We have experience in managing online applications and we can assist your business in identifying tools that may meet your needs or where necessary, in the specification of bespoke software. 

Some of this may seem obvious, but when selecting your systems, consider the following:

  1. Why, where and when?
    What is the purpose of the system, will you host or someone else host it and how soon do you need it?
  2. Usability
    How easy is it to use? 
  3.  Flexibility
    How easily can you modify or add to it? What additional resources might you need and how accessible are they?
  4. Dependencies
    If the system relies on various third parties, what happens when part of the system upgrades, what are the risks if add-ons become incompatible or no longer supported? 
  5. Security
    How easily can you manage user and registration policies? 
  6. IPR
    If you are developing something new, do you wish to retain intellectual property rights over the software, how can you restrict others from accessing your code? 
  7. Ownership
    What are the licencing implications, what happens if the product changes owners or is no longer supported?
  8.  Support
    Where do you turn to when things go wrong? 
  9. DR
    What is your disaster recovery process? 
  10. Data
    If you decide to change systems, what information do you need to retain or migrate?

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